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Prevent Boat and Trailer Theft

According to a recent study of  Marine Insurance Program claim files, boats on trailers are top targets for thieves. All it takes is a small amount of time to hook a trailer up to a truck or SUV and the boat and trailer can be heading down the street.

Boat on Trailer

To prevent your boat from becoming a target, there are a few key things to keep in mind:



Boats stored at a marina or in a driveway with the trailer tongue facing the open road are easy for thieves to access, especially in winter when days are short and few people are around. The safest place to store a trailer and boat is in your garage or backyard. But wherever the boat is stored, removing the trailer’s wheels and storing them inside significantly decreases the chance of theft and also prolongs the life of the tires. If the boat has to be stored in the driveway, the tongue should be locked and facing away from the road.  You can also chain and lock the wheels or purchase a special trailer wheel lock.

Keep in mind, a thief doesn’t have to take the entire boat: Outdrives / lower units are a frequent target and if a boat is going to be stored outside, it should be backed in with the outdrive against a wall and locked securely.  There are special lower unit locks that can be purchased at a marine store. It is also a good idea to remove the propeller to prevent damage and theft.

These tips should help reduce theft and boat insurance costs.